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Our Infrastructure

With more than 63,000 square feet of workplace premises, we have a solid infrastructure not only in terms of production capacity but also in terms of the skills, methods ad technologies we use. We believe in following the basic principles that we have used traditionally to maintain the quality of work and also the quality of life of the people involved.

Team Work

Team work and its effectiveness results in the actual increment of the output produced. If all the parts of a team function in a smooth manner, it increases the efficiency of every part. Our team is dedicated to work in the most effective manner with proper communication to ensure that even the smallest of tasks are performed in a way they should be. It increases out output and we make sure that your order is dispatched and delivered on time.

Traditional Bleaching Method

Bleaching is one of the most important steps in cotton fabric manufacturing. We use Traditional Bleaching Methods in order to maintain the quality of the fabric. Every piece manufactured is a highest quality fabric with and is treated to remove all the colour impurities.

In-house Weaving

At Bhatnagar Textiles we have in-house weaving in place for all types of hand-looms cotton fabrics. With the help and expertise of our workmen we have the advantages of customisation and changing a lot of things according to our customer's requirement. With our extensive knowledge of the textile industry, we have built a reputation for quality products, knowledge, and the service our customers deserve.

Machinery Set-up

We have the required machinery set up viz. The Textile Calendar machine, Curing Machine and Boilers to match the quality standards of Home Design Textiles and to maintain the flawlessness in any of the made-ups we manufacture.

Ethnic Printing At Its Best

Handlooms from India known around the world for their richness, variety and quality. Our Ethnic prints are inspired from various things. Our fabrics get their unique identity and quality from the prints and weaves that are so unique to the region. With the help of our talented craftsmen and their creativity, we have hundreds and thousands of prints to choose from.

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